Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rumsfeld Redux

Wonderful article on about the present Rumsfeld kerfuffle.
Personally I think he’s been doing as good a job as anybody could in his situation, and that a number of Ex-Generals seem to be padding their resume for his job. However, whoever the next President is, I would hope they would have the moral fiber not to nominate anybody who would backstab like the Gang of 6 (now 7) has.


Blogger Marc with a C said...

Yeah, and perhaps the next decider in chief could also nominate someone who can like, you know, conduct a successful war now and again and then have the guts to admit he screwed up and resign. Though to be honest, I'm surprised you bothered to use as a source. Frankly, I'd be kind of embarassed. Last I checked, Ben Domenech had taken a couple incendiary rounds to the fuel tanks and the whole thing was going down in a ball of flames like so many other Neocon Messerschmits.

Interesting. On an unrelated note, the word verification for this entry in your blog is l-kkk-g. Truth is stranger than fiction.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Georgfelis said...

Oh my! Your insightful and brilliant comments written with such thought and fact-checked wisdom have caused me to change my mind. NOT.

Comment #1 will be enshrined forever in an upcoming Blog article, “How To Post Like a Liberal”. I expect it to be fairly short.

11:30 AM  
Blogger squawpeak said...

How to post like a liberal:
1. Throw away the concepts of reason and accountability.

2. Name-call instead of advancing an argument (since you won't have one).

3. Disregard actual facts to the contrary and call anything done by non-liberals "a failure", "racist", "greedy" or "quagmire".

4. Forget that what matters are results, and focus on how liberals with good intentions (as opposed to conservatives achieving good results) deserve a shot at governance (regardless of whether they are actually capable of winning any election).

Nice post. Rummy has done well (and like anyone would/will, has made mistakes), and we are winning, despite the insistence of all the "marc with a c"s who will settle for nothing less than shameful defeat.

10:17 PM  

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