Saturday, September 16, 2006

Where there's smoke, there's Firedog

Looks like Firedoglake has dived deeply into the Moonbat pool and invited people to make the Perfect Liberal Post (Yes I know this is from July, I'm slow posting, I have a real job thank you very much :)

-- Spontaneous conspiracy theories unrelated to reality, check.
-- Comparisons of the President to various derogatory items, check.
-- Overhyping a set of comments said in private that mirror the official statements of the President, check
-- Great moral indignation that the President could consider Important Foreign Officials at this event as overtalking blowhards, check.
-- Standard references to left-wing websites, check.
-- Standard reference to Juan Cole, check.
-- Standard comment referencing the "Chimp", check (although it took 200 posts,which shows hope)

++ Deep philosophical comments on the event... Nope.
++ Any realistic suggestions on how to improve events in the Middle East... nope.
++ Possiblility that the Left can see the light at the end of the tunnel before the train hits... Nope.


Blogger squawpeak said...

Coming in from the Not-Much-Room-To-Talk department, you ought to post more often.

I read your "I have a real job" comment through the lense of another blogger's post I read last night.

For people with good insight, writing skills, practical life skills and a grip on history, blogging and shaping your readers' understanding is a very real job.

It may even change the course of our great nation ;)

It's been ages, but I'll be posting at reasonanyone.blogspot AND

Here's to your next post.

10:01 PM  

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