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Australia falls victim to Bush Derangement Syndrome

I saw this linked on the Google home page, and was so irked after I read it that I had to respond, even though I know it is a futile effort. Once Bush Derangement Syndrome sets in, it takes something awfully dramatic to shake it loose.

And due to the International Date Line, I managed to respond to the article a day before it came out :)

So how do we fight people who live in this kind of fantasy land? And will their heads explode if the Republicans manage to hold onto the House and Senate in a week? Even the most delusional polls show the Republicans losing far less than the average number of seats in a off-year election when the President is of another party.

Then again, if the trends continue as they are going, in ten years the New York Times will have a circulation of One, so maybe it is fixing itself?

To: Sidney Morning Herald (
Re: Article “Lame duck in their sights” published November 4 by Michael Gawenda


It is sad that the malady known as Bush Derangement Syndrome has spread from the pages of the New York Times all the way across the world to Australia. As our country over here goes through a nasty and brutish election, headlined by the daily constant vitriol spread by the anti-war crowd, it is useful to take a step back and examine the Iraq strategy proclaimed by both sides. The Republicans have stated that we are attempting to secure Iraq from the lawless elements who would use bombs and guns to kill all who oppose them, while attempting to build democracy (with a small “d”) and build up the infrastructure of the country until we can withdraw, leaving behind a stable democratic country. The proclaimed Democratic strategy has been all over the map, from Rep. Murtha who seems to think we can fight this war from 5,000 miles away in Okinawa, to countless Democrats who voted for the war, don’t think we have enough troops in the country to make it as peaceful as a major American city, think it is too expensive, and want all our soldiers pulled out right now.

Only one of these strategies pays any attention to the aftermath. Only one of these strategies pays any attention to what would happen to millions of Iraqis unfortunate enough to be in the country as the Americans flee and the murderers move in wholesale. American success in Iraq would be disaster for those who have invested in our defeat. A free and democratic Iraq would cause the people of Iran and Syria to examine their leadership, it would crush the Islamic line that America hates the Arab people. And it would destroy the reputation of the New York Times, which has taken sides against the US, and been wrong so constantly that it boggles the mind. Thousands of important stories have been shuffled off to the back pages while the Times has been carrying on its own crusade against Bush.

This story buries an important fact far in the back, “As for the Democrats, their challenge will be to move beyond the politics of negativity - from being anti-Bush and all his works - to developing policies on issues…” which hits the proverbial nail right on the head. The supposed policies of the Democrats are completely null and void, without basis in fact or any strategy other than “Bush is Bad”

That is not completely true. If Democrats secure a majority in the House, the Democrat Leadership has made it crystal clear that they will do everything in their power to raise our taxes, defund the troops in Iraq, and bring legal proceedings against every Administration official they can. In the Senate they have announced that no Judicial Nominee or other Presidential appointment with a taint of Republican values will be permitted to take office. Political gridlock, economic disaster and increased partisanship will follow. But all of this will pale in comparison to the bloodshed that will happen if the Democrats manage to force a premature pullout in Iraq.

Thank God that we have intelligent people in charge for now who can see what the results of their actions would be instead of the New York Times. That we have adults in charge, instead of the chorus of “Are we there yet” and “Bwaaaa, you’re a meanie” that we get from the Democrats. Thank God for George W Bush and the Republicans.


Blogger squawpeak said...

Thank God for the period that we had W. and a Republican Congress for the time we did.

May he have mercy on us (and the Iraqi people) and spare us until it is so again.

Great post.

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