Thursday, February 07, 2008

208 Outstanding political appointments on hold

Today I saw an article in the WSJ showing that the President has over 208 outstanding nominations being held up in the Senate without a vote. This is stupid, and deserves some bright light to be shone on these dim bulbs.

Mr President, you will never get this information to the American people without a dramatic gesture.

I would propose that you make a Evening Prime-Time announcement, where you announce "There are X political appointments awaiting action in the Senate that have been there for over three months. Now many people say it takes forever to do things in Washington, but waiting three months for what in most cases is a formality is foolish and stupid. Waiting for confirmation in the Senate are..." and then list them ALL, along with their qualifications and how long they have been waiting. Then finish up with "I will give the Senate another month to act, but then I will use my authority under the Constitution to recess appoint any nominee who has been sent to the Senate and been waiting in excess of four months. Thank you and goodnight."

Let ‘em scream and show what babies they are. There is a reason the Senate is called the “100 Kings”, there are a full hundred stiff-necked people there who all think they can run the Presidency better than whoever is in office.


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