Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ACORN strikes back

Uh oh. Looks like O'Keefe is going to have a few days in court, much earlier than ACORN. At this point, he has been arrested for entering a federal building The Press seems to think this is another Watergate, complete with "Bugs" and "Listening Devices", with a "Conservative" in the crosshairs. I'll link to the hyperventelating NPR Morning Edition story as soon as it becomes live, you can almost hear them clutching their chests in excitement. Expect the usual stream of distortion and "leaks" as left-wing reporters go about making things up and writing long-winded articles about them over the next few weeks.

Look, Patterico has it much better than I can describe, and I attempted to make a comment (page hiccuped, not sure if it got posted)

I agree with commenter 72. Nobody films themself committing a felony (well, nobody smart at least), and if he was trying to make a point, I could see a hypothetical video coming out in the next few days looking like this:

(Outside of office building)
This is Mary Landrieu’s office. We called her to find out what happened with her vote on the health care bill and this is what we heard
(busy signal) and this (busy signal) and this...
Being concered citizens, we visited her office in person to find out if perhaps her phone system had problems
(video of "repair guy" checking phone)
No, the phone in her office seems to work just fine. (brief montage of person making phone calls to office and getting busy signals while phone sits there not ringing)
Well, lets go check the phone cabinet. Perhaps there is a wire unplugged, and as good citizens we can plug it back in...

And as for "let's hear O'Keefe's side of the story", at this point *anything* he says can and will be used against him in court. Any comments on what was really going on will come out from "sources close to the defendent".
Updated Feb 4 2010

Transcript from NPR is here

Looks like a nice article on American Thinker about how the press is treating this story. I have my own opinion (of course):

By the time this is over, Sen. Mary Landrieu is going to be begging the Feds to let O’Keefe go. Think about it for a minute. Every time this comes up on TV and the papers, her name will be mentioned, along with the meme that the Senator had her phones unplugged, and the obligatory mention of the Louisiana Purchase. So the longer the mainstream media tries to pound O’Keefe for the “crime” of investigative reporting, the longer they keep labeling Sen Landrieu as a bribe taking, constituent ignoring, corrupt politician.



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