Friday, July 03, 2009

Sara Palin resigns-We wish her well

Looks like Sara Palin will be resigning the Governorship of Alaska near the end of this month. (Roundup over at Instapundit)

In hindsight, it becomes fairly easy to see why she's resigning now. She's has been having to expend personal funds to defend against the trivial lawsuit-a-day haranguing from the Dems in the Alaska legislature. Since she's the Governor, she can't accept the kinds of speaking fees or engagements that would be necessary to break even, and still maintain her position. If she is to help the Republicans defeat the Dems in the next election without her going personally bankrupt and spending all her free time in an airplane based commute, she about has to resign. (expect a book and a speaking tour shortly)

At this point in time, the Republican party needs a Palin much more than it needs a McCain, or another ancient white-haired Rino stepping to the plate, talking about how to “coexist”, how they managed to “compromise” on only 900 billion dollars of new spending instead of 935. Go Sarah Go!

My only concern (and it is a fairly small one), is the number of Palin Delusion Syndrome sufferers who will be driven into Sulliven-eske fits of frothing while trying to find some horrible super-secret ulterior conspiracy theory motive for the resignation, such as a secret agreement to sell Alaska back to Putin, or a trans-American highway from Mexico to Fairbanks designed to carry Chinese immigrants to the secret Alaskan diamond mines or some foolish twaddle like that. Then again, it will be entertaining. (Cross-posted on Tigerhawk)



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