Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Total Money Makeover-Federal Edition

Dear Dave Ramsey,

I run a huge organization which is suffering in this economic downturn. We have scads of employees nationwide, and hold a controlling interest in many subsidiaries, but over the years we have made some really bad investments and frankly have been spending like there is no tomorrow, leaving ourselves heavily in debt. Our employee retirement system is built similar to a Ponzi scheme, and we’ve been borrowing heavily from it in order to finance our spending, our health care system has been having financial and technical issues, and every time we take over a section of it, it just gets worse, and our finance system has been so heavily oversold that many of our strongest competitors hold the vast majority of our debt.

Now our creditors have begun to get restless, and in order to placate them, we are putting together a massive spending scheme that could well double our expenditures without any chance at all of our revenues increasing to match. There are a minority of people within our organization who oppose this spending, and I’m afraid they may interfere with the progress of the spending plan the point where our debt structure collapses like a house of cards, leaving me to take the blame. Recently some of them suggested that I read your book, which would be quite easy to slip into the spending plan, but it seemed like such a waste to only buy one with so much money to spend.

So what kind of deal can you give me on one million copies of your “Total Money Makeover” book?




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