Friday, January 30, 2009

82 thousand tons of money

Ok, from Instapundit

Eight hours of debate in the HR to pass a bill spending $820 billion, or roughly $102 billion per hour of debate.

My thoughts:
If that money was printed at $10 bills, at one gram per bill, what we would have would be a fleet of semi-trucks carrying 40 tons of bills each, departing at 4 per minute, every minute, for eight hours, for 1,920 trucks full of ten-dollar bills, all money that has to be taxed from us, all taxed from us without a single Republican vote.

Now which party is the party of Tax and Spend?

(for the math challenged: 820 Billion dollars=82 Billion ten dollar bills at one gram each is 82 Million Kilograms, at 1000 kilo per metric ton is 82 thousand tons. I rounded down on my numbers above to a hundred billion per hour to make the numbers rounder. Plus the difference between 76.8 thousand tons of money, and 82 thousand tons of money is only about One Dirkson)



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