Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sarah Palin Phobia aka PDS

I'm determined to do a "Who is this Sarah Palin and why does the Left hate her so much" post, but the comments on this blog make a pretty good start. Ignore the post, it's pure drek about Why isn't Sarah on her hands and knees thanking Feminists and mouthing the usual Feminist tripe.

Update: PajamasMedia has a couple of good articles from Dr. Helen and Bob Owens that show some of the more rational PDS sufferers in the comments (I won't link to the Washington Post, those comments are Weapons Grade from people who have escaped their chains and need recaptured)

Update: Best Anti-PDS comment I've seen so far. "Sarah Palin has been assigned to protect a 15-person Secret Service detail." Heh



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