Friday, January 15, 2010

Six Phases of Democratic Defeat

While reading Jonah Goldbergs excellent column, I came to realize there are generally six phases when any Democrat loses:

The phases of Democrat Defeat
1) “The Republican is not a threat, this is a Blue seat.”
2) “The Republican popularity is strictly with the far-right wing wackos, there are not enough of them voting to matter.”
3) “The Repug is close, but we still have tons and tons of slime to use on him, plus calling him names and making up stuff. Have the DNC send over a couple mil and some of their best thugs.”
4) “Behind? We can’t be behind! Dig up the graveyards, start up the ballot printing presses, bring out Acorn, twist arms at the newspapers, lie like a rug!”
5) “Lost? Protest and sue, slip in new ballots, have ballots ‘discovered’, recount, scream discrimination, punch out chads, disqualify military absentee ballots.”
6) “Obviously blame must be laid at the feet of ______ (anybody but me)”

It appears that Coakley is rolling into Phase 4. The fun part will be when she hits Phase 6, and starts to point fingers.



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