Monday, April 02, 2007

Irans Dumb Reasons for taking British Hostages

Let me see if I can summarize the possibilities for the Iranian actions that fit roughly into the following templates. (Where I use “Iran”, I’m actually referring to “Iran’s leadership, both their nutty Prez and his nutty Mullahs)

A) Iran wants the Brits to nuke them and therefore bring out the Twelfth Imam.
B) Iran wants to push Brits and the Americans into a military action to ravage their country and do billions of dollars worth of damage to their military (fill in reason here).
C) Iran is using the sailors as propaganda tools, forcing them at gunpoint to make stupid statements in order to score propaganda points in an attempt to keep their nuclear program, quash internal dissent and loosen sanctions on their country.
D) Iran has been blasphemed and insulted constantly over the years and is just taking their just due from the oppressors and capitalists who have been grinding them down. (Their official position?)
E) The poor Iranians captured evil British sailors tromping over the civil rights of Iranian boats in Iranian waters, and now the big bad British are threatening to blow them up, boo hoo.

These templates seem to be adopted by the E) Press and other Dhimmis, D) Islamists and KOS, C) Republicans and other optimistic thinkers, B) Republicans and other pessimistic thinkers, and A) Wingnuts.

Tigerhawks article seems to have him solidly down as a C, which is where I would put myself, slowly sliding into a B as time goes on and Iran does not release their hostages.