Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama Burger Battle leaves MSNBC with egg on their face

From a story at Legal Insurrection that I was unable to comment on before the comments were closed. (Yep, I'm that slow)

This has come as no grate surprise to me, with Obama being under constant asalt. MSNBC proved they could not cut the mustard when they attempted to carry the President's water, and have since been peppered with criticism from their attempt to make Obama look good, leaving him to play catsup before he is creamed by rising public ire and leaving him with egg on his face. His best approach to avoid getting his buns toasted, is to jam a sock in it and ignore the whole mess, hoping the MSM will continue to skim the cream off other stories, and keep this one in the freezer.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Speaker Pelosi does the Crab

Heh. I don't normally read the Washington Post's Dana Milbank. I'll have to start now.

"Nancy Pelosi is a woman of many talents. Yesterday, she performed the delicate art of backtracking while walking sideways."