Friday, May 23, 2008

Scoring Points with McCain

HT: Michelle Malkin

It is my understanding that McCain is offering “points” to bloggers who post positive comments about him. To that regard, I am going to make the following comments, in order to suck up attempt to get behind our party’s nominee.

    Positive Things about John McCain
    (as opposed to his opponents)

McCain’s voice does not make me reach franticly for the “off” button on the radio every time I hear him laugh (vs Hillary)

McCain’s spouse is much more pleasing to watch on TV, and says much less wacky things (vs both of them)

McCain’s speeches do not drip venom and class warfare (vs Hillary) or are stuffed with platitudes and fluffy concepts (vs Obama), but actually say what he has done and what he plans on doing.

McCain’s bowling score is higher than the two of his opponents put together.

In the event Air Force One’s pilot is incapacitated, McCain has at least a chance of landing without plowing into something important.

Assuming they live to a hundred years old, McCain is going to be the cheapest of the candidates to get lifetime Ex-President Secret Service protection.

McCain’s military experience trumps them both (vs Hillary’s experience in being “shot at” in Bosnia, and Obama’s experience in surviving Chicago politics)

Obama says he will meet with violent criminal thugs who wage war in ways contrary to the Geneva Convention. McCain has already (involuntarily) met with this brand of thug, spent a considerable time as their guest, and knows how to treat them in return.

The Democrat candidates believe we should fight Al-Qaeda everywhere in the world, unless we are already there, in which case we should leave. McCain has seen firsthand what happens when we abandon an ally to the thugs, and will not let this happen again.

McCain is strong on keeping earmarks out of spending bills. Hillary and Obama have attempted to mark every ear they could reach.

McCain at least supports an attempt to slow illegal immigration at the southern border, and some attempts to find, fine, and deport those who violate our nation’s immigration laws. Hillary and Obama have done everything except stand at the border fence with a set of wire-cutters and a stack of Democrat voting registration cards.

McCain at least has voted for a majority of the highly-qualified candidates Bush has nominated for the Supreme and other courts (even though Conservatives are miffed at his behavior with the “Gang of 14”), while Hillary and Obama have spent every effort to reject anybody to the right of Lawrence Tribe. And I have no interest in seeing Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton.

Last but not least, the Democrats have put forth a pair of candidates who are bound and determined to raise taxes by revoking the Bush tax cuts and impose an involuntary Socialized medicine system on every legal US citizen, while Never mind.

Feel free to chip in your own Plus/Minus comments, and I promise to give them more thought and less erasing than the Daily KOS (checking...yep, my comment there is gone again).