Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biden his time until the election

The Obama campaign screwed up bigtime when they let Joe Biden out of his soundproof room and into a satellite interview with WFTV reporter Barbara West. You have to go to Hal Boedeker's web site and take a look at his comments, as well as the tv clip from the interview.

Heh. And they try to say Palin has a "deer in the headlights" look. Biden=Bambi


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Democratic Standard Playbook Defined: The Story Produced

This is written in response to many of you who are not following the correct path when writing major media articles, incorrectly referred to by the Republicans as the “Big Lie” technique. Once you have your juicy bit of dirt on a Republican, here is a refresher on how to treat it.

1. Lie Big, Lie Everywhere: Push your story as far to the front top fold as you can, and synchronize the release with the major Progressive blogs.
2. When your story is found to be lacking any thread of truth, switch to a covering story. “Fake but accurate” has already been over-used (Sorry Dan), try “Functionally correct” or “Maybe it didn’t happen over here, but it has been happening elsewhere”. Decry the horrible lowering of standards in Public Debate.
3. Stick with the story as it crashes flaming to the ground, but do not debate the issue. Do not go on radio talk shows to discuss the issue unless you can guarantee only your supporters will be allowed to call in. Allow your story to be used by others to expand and detail it.
4. Stall. In the event that your job becomes at stake, you may feel free to write a over-brief correction and publish it on page 95.
5. Repeat.

Dan Rather and the Bush National Guard
Gov. Palin and any dozen or so stories about her
McCains cell phone tower
McCains supporters making noises during rally


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sarah Palin Phobia aka PDS

I'm determined to do a "Who is this Sarah Palin and why does the Left hate her so much" post, but the comments on this blog make a pretty good start. Ignore the post, it's pure drek about Why isn't Sarah on her hands and knees thanking Feminists and mouthing the usual Feminist tripe.

Update: PajamasMedia has a couple of good articles from Dr. Helen and Bob Owens that show some of the more rational PDS sufferers in the comments (I won't link to the Washington Post, those comments are Weapons Grade from people who have escaped their chains and need recaptured)

Update: Best Anti-PDS comment I've seen so far. "Sarah Palin has been assigned to protect a 15-person Secret Service detail." Heh