Saturday, September 16, 2006

Where there's smoke, there's Firedog

Looks like Firedoglake has dived deeply into the Moonbat pool and invited people to make the Perfect Liberal Post (Yes I know this is from July, I'm slow posting, I have a real job thank you very much :)

-- Spontaneous conspiracy theories unrelated to reality, check.
-- Comparisons of the President to various derogatory items, check.
-- Overhyping a set of comments said in private that mirror the official statements of the President, check
-- Great moral indignation that the President could consider Important Foreign Officials at this event as overtalking blowhards, check.
-- Standard references to left-wing websites, check.
-- Standard reference to Juan Cole, check.
-- Standard comment referencing the "Chimp", check (although it took 200 posts,which shows hope)

++ Deep philosophical comments on the event... Nope.
++ Any realistic suggestions on how to improve events in the Middle East... nope.
++ Possiblility that the Left can see the light at the end of the tunnel before the train hits... Nope.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ike Skelton and the Verified Voter

Let me comment for a minute on a story I heard on NPR.

I find it beyond belief that Democrat Ike Skelton, a 29 year veteran of Congress and presumably a responsible adult familiar with the law, would go by the voter registration area in Missouri to get his voter ID, and NOT have correct identification to get his ID, unless he was doing it as a political stunt.

Add in the fact that he seems to have immediately gone out and given an interview to National Public Radio, and anybody else with a press pass, and one can not help but draw conclusions. It will be quite interesting to see the demographic shift that happens under the new election law as only people verifiable as legal voters cast their ballots. Perhaps a few less grandstanding Democrats might even be elected?

Well, it appears that a Judge in Missouri has decided that requiring positive identification of voters is too much trouble to be legal, so I guess Ike Skelton won’t have to dig up his birth certificate now.
Of course this is the Democratic viewpoint expressed in the link. I would be interested in finding out if any of these people would accept a check with nothing but a utility bill as identification. (I would guess not) And also it is strange, that one of the defendants (Sec of State Robin Carnahan (D)) in the lawsuit should put out a press release so quickly expressing her joy that she lost.