Thursday, February 07, 2008

208 Outstanding political appointments on hold

Today I saw an article in the WSJ showing that the President has over 208 outstanding nominations being held up in the Senate without a vote. This is stupid, and deserves some bright light to be shone on these dim bulbs.

Mr President, you will never get this information to the American people without a dramatic gesture.

I would propose that you make a Evening Prime-Time announcement, where you announce "There are X political appointments awaiting action in the Senate that have been there for over three months. Now many people say it takes forever to do things in Washington, but waiting three months for what in most cases is a formality is foolish and stupid. Waiting for confirmation in the Senate are..." and then list them ALL, along with their qualifications and how long they have been waiting. Then finish up with "I will give the Senate another month to act, but then I will use my authority under the Constitution to recess appoint any nominee who has been sent to the Senate and been waiting in excess of four months. Thank you and goodnight."

Let ‘em scream and show what babies they are. There is a reason the Senate is called the “100 Kings”, there are a full hundred stiff-necked people there who all think they can run the Presidency better than whoever is in office.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Supertuesday Wild Predictions

I’m going to make some predictions, most probably wrong, and will leave them up no matter how wrong they turn out to be. Go ahead, throw rocks, I’m building a rock garden :)

Hillary Clinton will win enough primaries to be the undisputed victor by the time the coronation… errr, the Democratic Convention. At which time she will announce Obama as her Vice-Presidential running mate, the objective here is to have 16 years of Democratic domination over the Presidency, National Health Insurance paid for by rich people, National Education paid for by rich people, National Paid Everything For The Poor paid for by rich people. At the end of which, there will be no rich people, only poor downtrodden peasants convinced that the Government should provide for all their needs. I’m exaggerating a bit, but that’s basically their goal. When 98% of income tax is collected from the upper 50% of income earners, it does not take a rocket scientist to see the potential of buying votes from the lower income earners with Bread and Circuses.

In the wildly unlikely event that Obama manages to squeeze out enough votes to make the Democratic Convention competitive, or even wins the nomination, there is no way in heck he will pick Clinton as a Veep. The idea of Hillary being one heartbeat away from the presidency would scare the heck out of anybody, particularly when that heartbeat is yours. My wild guess is some East or West coast former governor, or Nebraska’s Kery (the other one, the legitimate war hero), most probably white, and male.

John McCain will continue to trounce Mit and wind up with enough votes to assure his position in the Republican Convention. At which point the Press will turn on him like savage badgers and run one long series of hit pieces until November. The Media only loves McCain while he is trashing Republicans, after the Primaries his target will be a Democrat (whoever it is), and they *never* have supported him against a Dem.

If McCain has the sense God gave a blade of grass, he will offer Mit the Veep spot, announce that Rudy is his pick for AG, make peace with Rush Limbaugh… No, I don’t really expect any of that. I really expect McCain to pick another Senator to run as his Veep, probably Brownback, as the race goes down to another defeat. Arrogance your name is McCain. Please prove me wrong.

End Result:
In November, the team of Clinton/Obama, Bill Clinton, the Media, Soros and various socialist groups that have been promised great things will clash with McCain/Romney, who will have by that point have been bled white by six months of bad press. President Hillary will make her legislative agenda priority another Health Care Plan of extreme size and scope, a huge slug of text that promises free health care to all people within the borders of the country paid for by the Evil Rich. This Titanic plan will be about twice the size as they really want, they will compromise with the Republicans to bring it down to just Huge, and the rest of their legislative agenda will follow in much the same way.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get a shovel and bury some money in the back yard :)