Friday, January 30, 2009

82 thousand tons of money

Ok, from Instapundit

Eight hours of debate in the HR to pass a bill spending $820 billion, or roughly $102 billion per hour of debate.

My thoughts:
If that money was printed at $10 bills, at one gram per bill, what we would have would be a fleet of semi-trucks carrying 40 tons of bills each, departing at 4 per minute, every minute, for eight hours, for 1,920 trucks full of ten-dollar bills, all money that has to be taxed from us, all taxed from us without a single Republican vote.

Now which party is the party of Tax and Spend?

(for the math challenged: 820 Billion dollars=82 Billion ten dollar bills at one gram each is 82 Million Kilograms, at 1000 kilo per metric ton is 82 thousand tons. I rounded down on my numbers above to a hundred billion per hour to make the numbers rounder. Plus the difference between 76.8 thousand tons of money, and 82 thousand tons of money is only about One Dirkson)


Monday, January 26, 2009

Chili Cheese Bean Dip

Budget Chili Cheese Bean Dip

$1.70 - 32 oz Refried Beans (Mexican style best, can use 2x16oz cans)
$.75 - 16 oz can Regular or Chili or Pork and Beans
$.75 - 16 oz can of generic Chili
$2.00 - 16 oz container of Salsa (mild)

$1.99 - 16 oz container of Guacamole Dip (or small container of Guacamole and 16 oz of sour cream if cheaper)
$2.00 - 2 cup bag of shredded nacho cheese (Mexican if possible)
$.79 - Small can of chopped olives (Only use half a can or its too Olive-ie)
$.79 - Small can chopped Green Chilies

$2.00 - Big Bag of Corn Chips (round ones work better)

Total: $12.77

Try to drain the cans of excess water before mixing (or the dip is awfully liquid)

Basic Recipe: (or Dip in an Emergency) Mix it all together (except the chips). Refrigerate. Don't let the kids take it into the living room (its messy)

Fussy Eater Variant: Use extra mild Salsa, leave out the Chilies, use normal shredded cheese

The Al Gore Variant: (The Burning Earth) Add a small can of chopped Jalapeños, use Hot Salsa, a quarter-cup of grated onion, and a half-teaspoon of Beano. Add one teaspoon of Tabasco if you are a glutton for punishment.

The Leisure Time mix: (The way I do it normally) Take the Chili and Beans and put in a pot on the stove on LOW. Stir frequently while mixing the rest of the ingredients except for the cheese. Go stir the chili again. Keep stirring until the chili simmer and bubbles slightly. Pour the chili/bean mix CAREFULLY into the rest of the ingredients, stir vigorously. Ok, now you can add the cheese (that way it does not melt). Pop the whole thing into the fridge for a couple hours until its nice and cold. If you are making it for taking somewhere, keep a bit of the cheese back until it is all mixed, then sprinkle it across the top (that way people don't ask “What is this?”)